Guide for Biswap Newcomers! Start Your Fast Crypto Earnings!

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Guide for Biswap Fast Crypto Earnings
Guide for Biswap Newcomers! Start Your Fast Crypto Earnings

Biswap wants to let more users experience all the lucrative features of the platform!

Be in profit since your first day on the Biswap DEX and maximize your crypto assets by following easy step-by-step guidelines.

🌟If you visit Biswap for the first time, it’s high time to Connect wallet with the detailed instruction and start this splendid DeFi journey:

Connecting Your Wallet to Biswap

MetaMask can be downloaded on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Opera browsers. In this tutorial, we will be using Chrome…

Well done! You’ve connected your BEP-20 crypto wallet to Biswap, so it’s the right time to get acquainted with the native token of Biswap — BSW!

What is the BSW token?

BSW — is a BEP20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain network. The main function of the token is to incentivize the liquidity provision to the Biswap platform.

Ticker Symbol: BSW
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Max supply: 700 000 000 BSW
Contract Address:

BSW is a prosperous token that can be used in very different areas on Biswap and get you great returns!

Are you ready to meet all of the Biswap DEX features? Let’s go!

What is Biswap?

Biswap is the first DEX on Binance Smart Chain with a 3-Type Referral Program and the lowest fees (0.1%) in the DeFi industry. Biswap is committed to continuous development and aims to provide the best service for Biswappers and their great crypto earns.

What is biswap?

Biswap Advantages Include:

✔ The lowest trading fee of 0.1% per swap
✔ Up to 100% Fee Return
High APRs on Biswap Farms & Launchpools
0.05% Fee Reward for Liquidity Providers (50% of the trading fee)
25% Referral rewards from friends’ earnings on Biswap Farms and in Launchpools
✔ Biswap Audit from CertiK
SAFU insurance fund


Sounds outstanding? Keep reading and find out all the easy & fast ways to earn crypto!

Start earning with friends via 3-Type Referral Program!

Biswap 3-Type Referral System is a unique offer that allows you to earn cryptocurrency without investment by simply inviting your friends:

☑️ Farms: get 5% in BSW reward that is equal to 5% of your friends’ Harvested income on Farms.

☑️ Launchpools: start earning BSW in Stake BSW Launchpools with your referral friends and get a BSW reward that is equal to 5% of your friends’ earnings.

☑️ Exchange: you can expect a certain commission reward every time your invited friend makes a Swap.

These referral rewards from swaps will be available later — stay tuned with Biswap!

Copy your Referral link and earn with friends:

Hold Tokens in Biswap Launchpools & Earn Passively!

Biswap Launchpools is a less resource-intensive alternative to mining. It lets users hold their tokens on Biswap to earn more tokens, for free. There are two types of Biswap Launchpools where you can earn passively:

💸 Stake BSW Launchpools — allow users to stake (hold) BSW tokens to earn other top tokens for free.

💸 Stake Tokens Launchpools — allow users to earn BSW by staking (holding) other tokens on the platform.

Biswap Launchpools Benefits:

✔️High APR & APY percentages
✔️No minimal staking amount
✔️Top tokens for long-term holding

Approve your tokens on Biswap right away and follow the growing numbers of your assets!

Read on how to invest in Launchpools:

biswap how to invest in Launchpools

Become a Liquidity Provider & Multiply Your Funds on Farms

When you add your tokens to the Liquidity Pool you become a Liquidity Provider. Once you have provided the liquidity on Biswap you get LP tokens that can be later staked on Biswap Farms and bring you free cryptocurrency rewards with lavish APRs.

Biswap Farms is a vast yield of earning opportunities where you may earn BSW tokens by holding token pairs on Biswap.

Reasons to be a Liquidity Provider:

✔️ You get LP-tokens for providing Liquidity that can be staked in Farms and bring BSW, for free.

✔️ Get 50% of the trading fee that is sent to Liquidity providers when someone makes a swap on the Biswap platform with a certain farming pair.

✔️ Withdraw the added to the farming pair funds & your profit whenever you need.

Harvest rich yields on Biswap Farms:

Find the article on how to earn by providing liquidity step-by-step:

Exchange Tokens on Biswap & Get Up to 100% Fee Return!

Exchange tokens on Biswap with the lowest commission fee of 0.1% in several clicks. Biswap platform is easy and safe for cryptocurrency transactions and has a wide range of top-listed tokens.

Biswap Exchange Advantages:

☑️ The lowest exchange fee of 0.1%

☑️ Up to 100% Fee Return

☑️ Quick & Safe transactions (CertiK Audit, GitHub, SAFU)

Check the precise instruction on how to make swaps on Biswap:

Rush to experience all beneficial features that will bring you the best income in the DeFi world!

Advance with Biswap & multiply crypto assets daily!

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